​To have a fuller experience I am are pleased to offer one and a half hour and two hour classes to encourage a deeper practice, without the need to rush. Classes will differ each time but will include:

Classic Hatha Yoga Asana – the physical postures we are all familiar with in a traditional sequence. We focus on doing the basics well and the practice is suitable for beginners and more advanced students seeking a gentler practice.

Pranayama – a traditional practice that focuses on breath control and retention to aid concentration, purification and increase energy.

Mudra and Bandha – using gestures to stimulate insight and working with the natural locks in the body to aid our asana practice.

Relaxation – a good length relaxation to help us assimilate and integrate our physical practice. Integration is where the magic happens and we do not cut it short.

Meditation – breath awareness meditation that fixes the mind on the inhalation and exhalation. We will sometimes use ancient Vedic mantras to create a supportive atmosphere and stimulate vibrational change.

Sankirtan – the playing and singing of devotional music that opens the heart to the divine love.

Service – Karma Yoga, the yoga of action is encouraged where possible. There are a number of small opportunities to offer service such as helping set up the room, tidying away and signing in new students.