Schools & Work

STRETCH & RELAX – Yoga for children in schools.

(Body awareness sessions up to Key Stage 4)

The aim of this session is to promote relaxation and better management of participants’ emotions though the practice of yoga and mindfulness. However, sessions are adapted to speak to children in their own voice, demystifying the language, with a view to increasing engagement. Sessions can run over either a 45 minute or an hour period. The potential outcomes of either a single session or series of sessions are not limited to but may include:

  • Better awareness of body presence and yours/others personal space.
  • A greater ability to identify emotions.
  • A better understanding of the relationship between body, breath, relaxation and emotions.
  • Take away techniques to help relaxation and better manage emotions.
  • Being more in the body and out of the head.
  • A greater ownership of feelings.
  • A more supple energised body.

We are available to lead sessions in mainstream and SEN schools.

Sample session plans available on request.

WELLBEING AT WORK- Workshops on wellbeing and resilience in the work place.

A similar session to our schools offering but aimed at building a healthy mindset at work through yoga, relaxation, building resilience, cultivating positive self image and team image and the importance of having fun. Benefits include:

  • Relieving stress and tension.
  • Better strength, posture and flexibility.
  • Building happier teams.
  • Greater emotional stability and awareness.

Session samples available on request. Discount available for community groups and not-for-profit organisations.